LEMO B Series Modular Push-Pull Connectors

LEMO B Series Modular Push-Pull Connectors Available at Imtron

Did you now that Imtron stocks the popular LEMO B Series modular push-pull connectors? These leading-edge connectors are designed for use indoors and in protected environments, including instrumentation, medical devices, research, A/V, aerospace, and more end applications.

About LEMO B Series Modular Connectors

The LEMO B Series modular push-pull connectors offer quick and secure latching for a variety of end applications in indoor/protected environments (IP50). LEMO’s B Series connectors are available in eight sizes and various models to accommodate many different configurations and contacts, including:

  • Coaxial
  • Fiber optic
  • Fluidic
  • High-density low voltage
  • High voltage
  • Thermocouple

LEMO B Series modular push-pull connectors are ergonomic, rugged, and reliable. LEMO’s patented chocolate-bar pattern makes the connectors easy to grip, while the connector’s solid and compact construction has been proven in the field for years.

If you require quick, secure latching, LEMO B Series connectors may be an ideal solution for your end application. The push-pull latching system is easy to use, even when quick changes are required. It is robust enough to provide reliable and safe latching even with frequent connecting and disconnecting.

The keying system in LEMO B Series connectors include a multi-keying system that prevents mismating. Connectors can include up to 64 contacts to allow for high contact density. 

Applications for the LEMO B Series Modular Push-Pull Connectors

Whether you require an elbow plug, miniature model, or watertight and vacuum-tight receptacles, the LEMO B Series can accommodate your needs. The line is highly customizable to suit most indoor/protected environment applications.

A/V Applications

Engineers can use the B Series indoor keyed connectors for audio-video, broadcast, and imaging. B Series connectors can be used in conjunction with other LEMO products to build a solution for HDTV and harsh environments, too.

Energy and Industrial Applications

B Series connectors are ideal for many indoor energy or industrial end applications. These may include robotics, automated systems, IoT, AI, and big data technologies.

Medical Applications

LEMO B Series connectors are used in some of the most advanced medical technologies, including those that require high voltage and high-density contacts. This might include imaging equipment, patient monitoring devices, surgery and medical robots, and other indoor/protected environment applications.

Semiconductor Applications

LEMO B Series connectors can be found in many semiconductor manufacturing processes. Companies choose the connectors for use in front-end and back-end manufacturing phases, wafer manufacturing and processing, testing, and assembly.

Test and Measurement Applications

If you operate a rigorous diagnostic program at your facility, LEMO B Series connectors could be the solution you’re looking for. LEMO connectors are used in automotive testing, electronics diagnostics, non-destructive testing, LIDAR, and other research environments.

Transportation and Aerospace Applications

The transportation and aerospace industries require safe, reliable, and consistent connections in their antenna emitters and receivers, navigation systems, power and propulsion systems, ground control systems, and surveillance systems. LEMO B Series connectors play an important role in keeping these systems up and running.

Specialty Applications

Have a special project that requires a special solution? LEMO B Series connectors can provide cutting-edge, safe, and reliable connectivity for whatever you’re powering.

Engineers working on indoor/protected environment projects should consider LEMO B Series modular push-pull connectors. Imtron can help interested engineers source the connectors they need. Reach out to our knowledgeable team today to source your components.